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C.V.Subba Rao - Chairman

CV Subba Rao is a visionary with an excellent record of successful entrepreneurship across various realms of business. As the founder and chairman of Robo Silicon Pvt Ltd, he envisioned the enormous environmental damage caused by indiscriminate dredging of river sand and introduced an alternative to river sand. He introduced manufactured sand to India widely known as Robosand™, a brand that he created. He has a passion for green technologies which leave minimal environmental footprints. He has promoted Roshni PowertechLtd, a 6 MW biomass based power project to produce green power. He oversees the business of Karyotica Biologicals and plays a key role in designing the product portfolio, marketing strategies, customer relationships and financial administration.

Dr. Ravi Chandra Beeram - Managing Director

Dr.Ravi Chandra earned Ph.D from International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, in molecular biology and structural biology, New Delhi. After a successful stint as a crystallographer and structure guided drug design scientist with one of the leading CRO in India, he founded Revelations Biotech at IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad. He founded Karyotica Biologicals to translate animal sciences research solutions into products and to reach out to the end users in a better way.

Dr Ravi Chandra leverages upon his rich experience of molecular biology and structural biology to understand biological molecules and designs molecular evolution methods to improve enzymes. He has solved over 200 co-crystal structures of the popular drug targets and simplified fragment based drug design using x-ray crystallography. He has designed several innovative molecular strategies to solve major bottlenecks in expression of the enzymes and extended his rich experience to develop novel animal healthcare solutions. Dr Ravi Chandra drives the entire research and the production activities at Karyotica Biologicals and looks after the general management of the business.

Dr. Bodapati Bapuji Rao - Director

Dr. Bodapati Bapuji Rao, Former Principal Scientist, ICAR-CRIDA, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India has more than 30 years of research experience encompassing disciplines like climate change, weather data acquisition/analysis, crop insurance agronomy of field crops. He is an expert in field evaluation, data analysis and interpretation. He has more than 75 international and national publications & books, several scientific reports. He is a recipient of seven awards of different scientific fora. Dr Bapujirao leads sales, marketing and filed extension activities of the organization.

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