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Research & Development

Karyotica Biologicals is the 100% subsidiary and the manufacturing arm of of Revelations Biotech Pvt. Ltd where all the research and innovations happen. Revelations biotech is partnering with Drug Discovery Research Center (DDRC), an autonomous institute of THSTI, DBT, under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, for a collaborative research program to develop an Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) for early diagnosis and progression of metabolic disorders such as Diabetes and to develop a new class of diabetes drug, to inhibit SGLT2 protein which is responsible for re-absorption of glucose in the kidneys so that the excess glucose is excreted and glucose blood levels in the body are lowered.

Revelations Biotech has signed a repatriate agreement with DDRC &Institute of Advanced Study in Science & technology (IASST) an autonomous institute of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India to participate in a collaborative research work for various areas of herbal and other traditional knowledge based medicines, specially using the natural resources of North East Region of India for greater benefit of the society.

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