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White Gut Control Aquaculture

White Gut Control Aquaculture

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. provides some enzymes or medicine for White Gut Control aquaculture. White Gut disease ise a major disease found in aquaculture. The White Gut disease should be prevented in order to spread the diseases. All our products are manufactured and exported, thereby meeting the highest quality standards and requirements of customers. Our customers have witnessed low incidence of disease and also has improved the health of the shrimp. Dosage which we use is based on the stocking density and also product work effectively at a wide range of pH, salinity and temperature. Diarrhea is one of the main reasons which can cause gut conditions. Safe in use, no harmful chemical and no impurities are some of the best features to use in White Gut Control in aquaculture. 3.5 TO 5ml /kg of feed or as directed by an aqua consultant should be used for daily usage. Anti-nutrient factors present in the feed must be digested for efficient release of nutrients and harmful bacteria which are present in the shrimp gut must be controlled for rapid growth and also for healthier shrimp.

Probiotics to maintain guts of Shrimps Healthy

  • Increases Shrimp weight
  • Enhances feed conversion ratio and growth rate
  • Boosts Shrimp immunity and reduces mortality
  • Improves gut micro flora and also reduces white gut problems