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Feed binding gel that impart resistance against White Spot Virus Syndrom

Composition: Natural WSSV inactivating agents,Herbals extracts,Enzymes,Binders and Preservatives.


  • Imparts resistance against white spot syndrome virus (WSSV).
  • Triggers growth in shrimp.
  • Prophylactic approach to secure shrimp culture.
  • Rapid feeding and improvement in FCR.

Dose: 25-30ml per kg of feed or as directed by the aqua consultant.

Method of Application: Dilute required amount of VIRACLE™ in equal or suitable amount of water and coat uniformly over the feed pellets. Shade dry the coated pellets and use for feeding shrimp immediately. For best results use along with KARYOVIR™. Always use KARYOMAX™ for shorter culture periods.

Form: Gel.

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