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Shrimp Growth Promoting Formulation

Shrimp Growth Promoting Formulation

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. also focuses on Shrimp Growth Promoting Formulation all over India. Shrimp aquaculture needs new techniques in order to increase production yield. Modern technologies based on biotechnology and microbiology lead to higher quality and greater productivity. Feeding and new practices in farming play an important role in aquaculture. To achieve better growth in Aquaculture, addition of various additives to a balanced feed formula is a common practice in many fish and shrimp feed manufacturers. Lack of information about Shrimp future makes it difficult for the farmers to develop and plan harvesting schedules. To do this effectively, farmers should able to predict shrimp growth. Reliable prediction of growth and survival of shrimp give farmers better insights into future productivity and profitability. Shrimp growth promoting enzymes are also available at Karyotica.

Use of Probiotics in Shrimp Growth

When Probiotics Bacteria are taken, they produce compounds which inhibit toward pathogens, enhance shrimp immune response and fight with harmful microorganisms for nutrients and habitat. Probiotics are the simplest and the most cost effective way to improve production & profits of aquaculture products. You can increase survival as well as growth, also improve water quality, FCR and increase yield.