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Shrimp Growth Promoting Enzymes

Shrimp Growth Promoting Enzymes

Backed by vast industrial experience and knowledge, Karyotica offers premium quality range of Shrimp Growth Promoting Enzymes to its valuable clients. We offer Growth Promoter for Shrimps which is high in single cell protein content which is supplemented using essential elements to promote healthy and stable growth of shrimps. The primary purpose of enzyme application is to improve digestion. Digestive process will work better and results are shown using improved feed efficiency which provides extra dose of enzymes. In case of shrimps which lack certain enzymes even in adulthood, application of enzymes results in better utilization of nutrient fractions which are digested by the enzymes. Enzymes are produced in each and every living organism from higher animals and plants to the simplest unicellular forms of life.

Factors contributing to use of Enzymes

  • Increase need for quality food grain for fish/shrimp
  • Increase need for quality animal products /by -products
  • Search for alternate sources of food with better nutritive value
  • Economic margins-reduced cost: Benefit cost
  • Quick realization of profits
  • Rise of environmental awareness
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