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Nutritional Supplements For Aquaculture India

Nutritional Supplements For Aquaculture India

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best manufacturer of Nutritional Supplements for Aquaculture India. Nutritional supplements which are manufactured and exported by us consist of essential nutrients used for maintaining good health in aquatic animals. Nutritional supplements offered for aquaculture by us are highly rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, phosphorous and some other essential nutrients. We provide white gut control aquaculture. We ensure that our aquatic nutritional supplements are safe to use and free from side effects. The supplements stimulate appetite and help to improve diet and also growth of animals. We produce these supplements under strict hygienic conditions and are also checked under quality parameters before manufacturing as well as supplying to the customers. We keep entire production as well as also mixing of aquatic nutritional supplements feed additives under a single roof. This means we not only guarantee quality of ingredients in terms of reliability, safety and trace ability but also meet the requirement of sustainable aquatic animal production.

Benefits of Aquatic Feed Supplements :

  • These supplements are free from contaminants
  • They are rich in nutrients.
  • The supplemenmts are free from side effects
  • They provide a healthy environment to the workers.
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