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Nutritional Feed Supplements For Poultry

Nutritional Feed Supplements For Poultry

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. is the prime manufacturer of nutritional feed supplements for poultry in Hyderabad. Enzymes are made of proteins which help to stimulate chemical reactions. One of this enzyme that is crucial to poultry is known as lipase. Feed is the most important input for poultry production. Availability of low cost, high quality feeds is more important for the expansion of the poultry industry. For maximum performance and also for good health, poultry needs the best supply of energy, protein, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and water. Major nutritional problem in the developing countries is biological and chemical contamination of poultry feeds which leads to serious consequences on aquarium performance.

Our Nutritional Feed Supplements Products

Lipase is one of the best Enzymes Used In Poultry Feed. Lipase is a digestive enzyme which is found in many plants, animals, bacteria but mostly in aquarium species. This enzyme contains proteins which accelerates a particular biochemical reaction in the body. People use lipase as a medicine for indigestion, heartburn, allergy to gluten as well as cystic fibrosis. Lipase breaks fat into smaller pieces, which make digestion easier. Lipase is the most effective for digestive problems. It seems to be safe for most people but can cause side effects also to some people. Some of the side effects due to lipase are nausea, cramping, and diarrhea.