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Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is the most important and critical parameter that decides the success in aquaculture. Lower dissolved oxygen (below 3 PPM) level is harmful to the growth and survival of Shrimp/ fish and result in high mortality.

In a confined shrimp pond, gradual accumulation of unutilized feed, dead algae, fecal matter increases the organic load at the pond bottom. Accumulation of such waste absorbs all the available Oxygen, with depleted Oxygen conditions results in restless behavior in shrimps and Fish that forces them to reach the edges of the pond during daytime. Prevalence of such conditions for a longer duration leads to the death of shrimps. KARYOXY™is most economic next generation oxygen releaser made specially for instantly improving the dissolved oxygen level in pond water.


  • Regular usage of KARYOXY™ helps in the rapid enhancement of Dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water that promotes healthy growth of prawns / shrimp / fish.
  • Helps in restoring the pond bottom.
  • Converts the anaerobic environment of lihe pond bottom to aerobic one.
  • Relieves tlie shrimp of stress immediately and prevents mass mortality.
  • Works atliwide range of PH, salinity and temperature.
  • Increases molting efficiency and feed intake.

Dose: KARYOXY Dosage can be adjusted based on conditions prevailing in the pond as directed by the aqua consultant.

Method of Application:

  • For Shrimp
    • Low oxygen level : 2000 g / acre.
    • Normal Conditions : 1000 g/ acre.
    • At molting stage : 250 - 500 gm / acre.
  • For Fish
    • 250gm - 500gm / acre (one meter depth)

Form: Powder

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