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Microcystins (MCs) are hepatotoxic heptapeptides released into water during on senescence of cyanobacterial blooms. In early life stages of Fish, exposure to high does of Microcystins causes, perturbations to embryonic hatching, decrease in survival and growth rate, as well as histopathological effects. In adults and juveniles, field and experimental studies demonstrated that after ingestion MCs accumulate mainly in liver but can also be found in muscle and viscera. Microcystin exposure has been shown to affect growth rate and osmoregulation, increase liver enzyme activities in the serum and heart rate, modify behavior, and exert histopathological effects in the liver, intestine, kidneys, heart, spleen, or gills, but the degree to which these effects were seen depends on the exposure route. It appears that MC concentrations found in nature can potently affect several trophic levels in the aquatic ecosystems, in particular by inducing failure of sensitive stages (e.g., fish fry) to develop and accumulating in the food chains. The need of further quantitative studies on the sublethal effects, accumulation, and fate of MCs in aquatic food chains still remains.

KARYOMICYS™, an innovative approach to fight microcystins in Fish Culture helps farmers in controlling Algae Blooms results in controlling Microcystins levels in water. Reduced Microcystins levels in water will promotes better digestion of feed in fish resulting in better growth.

Composition: Enzymes, Amino Acids, Herbal Extracts, Stabilizers, Proprietary growth promoting factors and Minerals

Benefits: Usage of KARYOMICYS™ along with Usage of KARYOMICYS™ along with KARYOBLAST™ helps Aqua farmers to improve growth rate and to decrease FCR. helps Aqua farmers to improve growth rate and to decrease FCR.

Dose: 1 kg of KARYOMICYS™ per ton of feed

Method of Application: Dissolve the contents in suitable quantity of water and spray on the feed uniformly. Dry for 15 to 30 minutes and use for feeding the fish.

Form: Powder

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