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KARYOGRO contains a carefully chosen mixture of eight enzymes including cellulase, xylanase, mannanase, amylase, protease, pectinase, beta-glucanase and phytase in an unique ratio. The proprietary formulation is designed in a water soluble format for sustained release of enzymes in the drinking water of poultry to ensure continuous and sustained activity for longer periods. In the trial conducted in poultry we could serve significant improvement in the overall FCR from 1.85 to 1.65 among the group which was supplemented with KARYOGRO in drinking water

Composition: Cellulase,Xylanase,Mannanase,Amylase,Protease,Pectinase,Beta-glucanase and Phytase.


  • Rapid improvement of FCR.
  • Rapid reduction of mortality rate.
  • Reduced foul odour in the farm.
  • Improved litter condition by increased dry matter content of manure.
  • Provision to include more alternative feed ingredients into diet formulation due to enhanced digestibility.
  • Reduced dependence on health supplements and medicines use due the improvement of overall health of the birds
  • Reduction in feather loss and soiling of the bird
  • Increased profitability by reduced feed input cost and reduced health supplements cost
  • Natural product that exceeds the benefits of chemical alternatives

Mode of Action:

  • Rapid Liberation of absorbable sugar molecules from the non-digestible non starch polysaccharides and absorbable phosphorous from the non digestible plant phytate.
  • Trigger the digestion of feed right in the crop of the bird gut.
  • Gain the higher metabolisable energy.
  • Increased availability of nutrients which contributes to improved animal performance.
  • Improvement of essential amino acids digestibility.
  • Reduced gut viscosity and less water consumption.

Dose: Mix 2-3 g of KARYOGRO per liter of drinking water and let the birds drink ad libitum.

Method of Application: Mix 2-3 g of KARYOGRO per liter of drinking water and let the birds drink ad libitum.

Form: Powder

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