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Fish growth depends on digestibility of fish feed and the bio-availability of the nutrients. An increased bio-availability of the nutrients contained in the fish feed will have a positive effect on the growth and performance of cultured fishes. The anti-nutrient factors (ANFs) present in the feed must be digested for efficient release of nutrients and harmful bacteria present in the gut of fish must be controlled for rapid growth and healthier fish.

This can be achieved through adding a carefully chosen mix of herbal and enzymatic feed additives for improving the digestibility of the complex feed. Our technology partners Karyotica Biologicals, Hyderabad, India have developed an innovative solution to achieve this goal by several years of intensive research and development. The outcome of our research is KARYOBLAST™ which is efficient in digesting the feed rapidly, making the nutrients bio-available and further controlling harmful bacteria in the gut, leading to rapid growth and improved health of the fish.

Regular use of KARYOBLAST™ accelerates the growth of the fish by manifolds and results in visibly healthier fish saving the culture costs and increasing profits.

Field Trials with KARYOBLAST™

The impact of KARYOBLAST™ on Indian major carps was evaluated under diverse field conditions. Typical FCR with mash feed under Indian cultural practices is at 3.5. However with the use of KARYOBLAST™ the FCR dropped to 2.5 with an increase in average monthly body weight gain by at least 50 to 60 grams. This in turn translated to an increase of 2750 kilograms yield per hectare. The increase in farm revenue is USD 6250 per hectare with reduction in crop time by factor of 45 days. Additionally the costs associated with land lease, feed, maintenance and supplementary inputs have come down phenomenally compared to the control ponds.

Composition: Enzymes, Amino Acids, Herbal Extracts, Stabilizers, Proprietary growth promoting factors and Minerals

Benefits: Ensures faster body weight gain Reduces the crop period Improves FCR Improves the digestibility of the feed Lowers feed costs Improves meat quality Reduces pond bottom litter and sludge Leads to healthier fish Leads to more uniform size of crop

Dose: 1 kg of KARYOBLAST™ per ton of feed

Method of Application: Dissolve the contents in suitable quantity of water and spray on the feed uniformly. Dry for 15 to 30 minutes and use for feeding the fish.

Form: Powder

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