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Immune Booster For Aquarium Fishes

Immune Booster For Aquarium Fishes

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Immune booster for Aquarium Fishes in Hyderabad. Generally, aquarium fishes have a lesser life span and some species will live longer. For fish keepers, it is not very easy task in order to keep fish alive to their life expectancy. There have been some great strides which is made in coming up with a product that boosts the immune system of aquatic animals with a substance which is said to be Karyomax. It also increases efficiency of some other substances such as antibiotics, vitamins and some various fish treatments by boosting the immune response. Karyotica helps to boost the immune system when a fish is recovered from disease, malnutrition, poor water quality, injury or any other ailment. We provide enzyme solution based on various innovative technologies. We are renowned Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers In India. We offer flexible business models. The most popular model has been Karyotica acting as manufacturing arm of Revelations Biotech while branding, marketing and even sales of our catalog products to the consumers is achieved through company's extensive sales and network.

Tips to boost Aquarium Fish Immune System

  • Keep the water quality good in the aquarium tank
  • Keep fishes stress free
  • Feed fishes with a healthy diet
  • Provide more supplements for fish
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