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Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers In India

Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers In India

Karyotica is one of the most important Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers in India. Once fish is fed with some food or ingredients, excess feed cannot be retrieved from water in pond, unless extruded floating pellet is used. Even land animals have problems when there are too many fines in feed. During this time fish cannot take or consume all the feed and obtain all the nutrients when they need for growth. This results in poor growth performance and a higher risk of poor water quality. Therefore, the quality of Immune Booster for Aquarium Fishes is used. There will be lesser feed wastage and easier management of pond water quality. With better water quality, pond’s potential will increase. If the pellets of feed are able to float, it usually means that ingredients have already been cooked. Floating feed provides an advantage that farmer not only knows when the fish starts feeding, but also they knows when the fish stops feeding also. Therefore, it became much easier for farmer to evaluate feeding response when using a floating feed.

Quality :

  • Contains balanced nutrition
  • Excellent attraction and palatability
  • Ensures that fresh water is supplied after feeds
  • Provides good value for money
  • Compliance with feed regulation
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