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Bulk Probiotic Supplier Hyderabad

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Bulk Probiotic Supplier in Hyderabad. Are you looking for a Probiotic which exactly fits your demands? Then, you are the right place. As per customer requirements, solutions can be developed or manufactured for specific indications. As for bacterial strains and species, we potentially develop every thinkable probiotic formulation. For each formulation, we extensively screen the Probiotic strains and select only those strains which possess relevant Probiotic characteristics. Our Probiotic formulations are developed from a scientific background, which includes literature research. All our Probiotics are manufactured in GMP-certified facility and tested for excellent efficacy.

Importance of Probiotics

Probiotic products includes foods, that are safe, amendable for human consumption and also contain sufficient live bacteria which

  • Remains viable for the shelf life of the product
  • Survives gastrointestinal transit in sufficient quantities
  • Provides a proven health benefit