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Bulk Enzymes For Aqua Culture

Bulk Enzymes For Aqua Culture

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Bulk Enzymes for Aqua Culture. We provide stable, quality enzymes for aquaculture which is engaged in developing or improving their aqua growth. Our products meet specific needs of our customers. Karyotica provides best quality enzymes to its customers. Enzyme supplementation has numerous benefits like improving overall health of aquaculture and also increases nutritional utilization by catalyzing breakdown of non-starch polysaccharides. Enzymes in feed supplements increase weight gain during shorter period of time and also increase feed efficiencies. It is advisable to use Karyomax as one of the best Aqua Culture Products. KARYOMAX is efficient in digesting the feed rapidly, makes the nutrients bio-available and further controls harmful bacteria in the gut, leads to rapid growth and also improve health of the shrimp.

Why Enzymes are Important?

Enzymes are proteins which control speed of chemical reactions in body. Without any enzyme, reactions take place too slowly in our body. Some enzymes break down very large molecules into smaller ones. Some other enzymes make DNA by using small molecules will build up large complex ones. Enzymes help cells to communicate with each other, to keep cell growth, life and also death under control.