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Beta-Amylase Barley Powder Enzyme

Beta-Amylase Barley Powder Enzyme

Karyotica manufactures Beta-Amylase Barley Powder Enzyme in Hyderabad. Beta-amylases are found in yeasts, molds, bacteria, as well as plants, particularly present in seeds. They are the principal components of a mixture called Diastase, which is used in removal of starchy sizing agents from textiles and in the conversion of cereal grains to fermentable sugars. Beta-Amylase Barley Powder Enzyme play an important role in some areas like starch and glycogen structural studies, fermentation in brewing and distilling industry. Molecular weight of Beta-Amylase is 223.8 kDa.

Composition of Beta-Amylase

Most β-amylases are monomeric enzymes. However, that of sweet potato is tetrameric consisting of four identical subunits. Each subunit consists of a large (α/β)8-barrel region also seen in a-amylase. A smaller, globular region is formed by long loops extending from β-strands. Between these two regions is a cleft believed to open and contain the conserved Glu187. Cys96 is located at the entrance of the (α/β)8-barrel region and is important to inactivation by sulfhydryl reagents.