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Alkaline Protease Manufacturer India

Alkaline protease

Karyotica Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Alkaline protease manufacturers in India. We are the best-known manufacturer of enzyme alkaline protease in Hyderabad. Proteases are more important for the human body. They play an important role in digestion because they convert proteins into amino acids. These enzymes can be used in various therapies too. When these enzymes are ingested orally, Proteases are very helpful for GI tract, which is being absorbed by the blood. During that time, they preserve usual enzymatic activity. Proteases are mainly manufactured for remedies and food supplements. Naturally, these enzymes are found in intestinal, pancreatic and stomach juices. They are very beneficial for animals which have various food allergies.

How Protease Deficiency Affect Health

Acidity is created through digestion of protein. Protease deficiency result in excess alkaline in blood.

  • Acidity is created through digestion of protein. Therefore, a protease deficiency results in an alkaline excess in the blood.
  • Protein is required to transfer protein-bound calcium in the blood, a protease deficiency is a foundation for arthritis diseases.
  • Protein which is converted to glucose upon demand, inadequate protein digestion which leads to hypoglycemia, result in moodiness, mood swings, and irritability.